Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques

One of the most important job of wordpress blogger along with writing creative articles is WordPress Search Engine Optimization. WordPress SEO Settings is more focused on technical infrastructure not buying links or tricking search engine technology mainly because of social dynamic structure of blog.

Directory Submission : Submit your blog URL to online directories like Dmoz and Yahoo directory under relevant categories. Once listed on directories search engines will speedup indexing of blog content.

Search Engine URL Submission : Search spider shall visit your blog of its own, but this may take months before it actually do. Following free search engine submission Optimization techniques for popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo informs search engines about your presence on net.

Webmaster Tools : Search giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo have their own webmaster tools for bloggers and webmasters. Create an account on each followed by domain verification. Once verified you can control crawler activities on blog along with setting crawling parameters. Webmaster tool will also let know for any issue web crawler faces while crawling and other issues like health and malware warnings.

Analytics : Although Google analytics is no way directly concern with Search Engine Optimization of any blog, but it helps in identifying the source and taste of visitors. Which in turn will help you to plan out future strategies.

Social Networking : Sharing your content on social networks like facebook, twitter, Google plus makes your content go viral. Placing social icon on page let your visitors to share the content on their profiles.

Social Bookmarking : Social bookmarks like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious will keep up a regular flow of visitors over long period. They also play an important role in getting higher ranks on SERPs.

Comments : Sharing valuable comment on other blogs of same niche will build a strong inbound link base. Having genuine inbound links to a page on blog will improve SERP ranking. Keeping in mind, after panda update black hat SEO techniques like link farming, link buying, irrelevant link exchange will hurt your wordpress SEO.

Sitemap : Basically, sitemap is an index of all URLs in a blog. Sitemap helps the web crawler and search spider to better understand structure and linking of content on blog. WordPress bloggers can use plugins like google XML sitemaps for creating and managing sitemap automatically.

Robots.txt : As soon as crawler enter a blog, it looks for robots.txt file. Robots.txt is loaded with direction and limits that has to be followed while crawling and indexing a URL. An optimized robots file helps crawler to crawl necessary files without letting to crawl back-end files.

Link Exchange : Link exchange with niche blogs will keeps visitors busy and increase ranking on search engine. Keeping in mind that after google panda update black hat SEO techniques like link farming and link buying will get you penalize. Many blogger readily accept link from niche blogs and this two-way links increase page weight on search engines.

Conclusion : Effective Search Engine Optimization is a never-ending process. Keeping up with basic Search Engine Optimization techniquess will help you to move up on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Ranking on search engines is based on thumb rule of “Content is King”. Only genuine and quality content makes up on search engines with proper use Search Engine Optimization Tools.

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  1. Yaser Mansouri says

    search engine optimization is a way of internet marketing in which no one is a father like any other technologies. The reason is you have to follow the guidelines of particular search engine (SE). Each SE works different guidelines. In recent time we have seen so many updates by Google SE. on other hand not other SE has announced such a change in their SE. this is the reason why Google is is on back foot and bing, yahoo are dominating. In this blog it is mentioned that directories and SBM are good but recent Google SE algo. changes are not in the fever of this.

    • Ritesh Verma says

      Hello Yaser,

      Matt Cutt have mentioned, Being on directories like DMOZ helps search engine to fetch snippets if incase, Webmaster has turned off indexing. This inturn increases user experience.

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